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Review and Rating of Rainbow Six Extraction | Relief, countering terrorism from outer space

 Review and Rating of Rainbow Six Extraction Relief

Review and Rating of Rainbow Six Extraction | Relief, countering terrorism from outer space
Review and Rating of Rainbow Six Extraction | Relief, countering terrorism from outer space

After the great popularity of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series over the past several years, the most recent of which was the most successful title in the series Rainbow Six: Siege, which effectively contributed to creating a public perception of Ubisoft on how to use live services to keep players, by supporting them With new maps and customer characters, will this success continue with the new title, welcome to review and rate Rainbow Six Extraction | Relief?

Rainbow Six Extraction | Relief, is a first-person shooter and shooter game that relies on tactics based on cooperative play, and it is from a personal perspective that combines one to three players, in order to complete biological missions in a strategic and tactical manner.

For decades Team Rainbow has shielded against the worst global terrorist threats, and now we face a new threat, a deadly mutated alien invasion known as Archaeans, archaea, archaea, or archaea, that can form a kingdom and a range of single-celled microorganisms, and worse than So it's coming from outer space.

You will have to join the research teams of Dr. Elena “Mira” Alvarez, who is the Director of Research and Development for the Rainbow External Containment and Analysis Team (REACT), leading the team that gathers critical information about the threat of evolving primitives, so 3 fighters will cooperate collectively, or one fighter in order to complete the tasks assigned to them.

Each of the three characters has special abilities that can be used through integration with the team to form an offensive and defensive shield such as drones, bombs, scanning device and many other special tools that enable them to advance and accomplish the tasks assigned to them, and a total of 18 agents in the game list are waiting for your signal to start mission.

Review and Rating of Rainbow Six Extraction Relief

In the game Rainbow Six Extraction | Relief Do not expect that you will be able to attack individually “armor” that easily, although you will sometimes feel that the enemies are stupid or easy to eliminate, because each enemy you face has its own abilities and mutations, and this will definitely lead you to lose your client.

Losing the customer is not the only problem, but you will involve your colleagues during the mission in order to pull you to the extraction point so that the mission does not fail, and this will result in you losing the customer you chose and fell during the mission, and recovering it will be in two ways, whether by points or searching for it in the missions,

There will be several areas for you to play in, starting with New York City, San Francisco and Alaska, each of which has several well-designed areas, and each of them has its own atmosphere, and in order to move to a new city or mission, you must level up in order to become Playable, the total of the maps is 12.

One of the things that I liked the most about the game, is the realistic shooting mechanism to a large extent, which added to the game more difficulty when a group of monsters gather in front of you that will attack you, then you will be sure that shooting is not everything in this distinguished game.

The weapons in the game are very diverse, if you calculate them, you will find a total of 90 weapons that you can get as you advance in the level or buy them in exchange for points, which are suitable for 13 different missions, with the game having four adjustable difficulty levels, and a better level progression system From some other company addresses.

Review and Rating of Rainbow Six Extraction Relief


  • Amazingly cooperative game.
  • The graphics of the game are at the desired level.
  • Elaborate and astonishing sounds, whether in the lively environment around you, or through the clashes.
  • The gameplay, movement and shooting is incredibly smooth and very enjoyable.
  • Large selection of agents and weapons, with simple customization.
  • An appropriate story for the “epidemic” atmosphere in which we live.
  • Full and accurate support for the Arabic language within the game.


  • Strange behavior of enemies or lack of AI quality.
  • Limited space for maps and freedom of movement in them.
  • Various technical errors, hopefully they will be resolved in the next updates.

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