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Mir4 is a strange cipher mine disguised as an old MMORPG

 Mir4 is a strange cipher mine disguised as an old MMORPG

Mir4 is a strange cipher mine disguised as an old MMORPG
 Mir4 is a strange cipher mine disguised as an old MMORPG

Therefore, this Korean MMORPG called Mir4 has been launched on mobile and PC for about six months. It's a free game, so it started with good numbers, but from October to November, the average monthly player count jumped by 32,000. Now it's dwindling, but the average number of Steam users over the past three months is still 60,000, you think that's a boom to celebrate, right? I investigated and found that Mir4 is a strange game with a heartbreaking USP: NFT.

That's right guys. The game allows you to convert your character to NFT and even mine cryptocurrency if you wish. If this is the future, it will seem cold, strange, and sad. Also, Mir4 is an awesome game.

Mir4 is an MMORPG set in an East Asian-inspired fantasy world that supports cross-play with mobile players. Once you sign in (sign in with your Google or Facebook account), the 5GB download starts without warning. The nature of the mobile game is to make you feel a little uncomfortable, as if it will take you on a confidence dropping exercise, but it requires cash in return. Just a few services for that all.

However, once you get into the game's character creation screen, Mir4 looks a lot more polished. You can choose a class of warrior, taoist or magician. The animation of the character is clear, and the compositions are displayed on the screen through small windows. Wow, look at that fighter, turn, slash, and jump! Fabulous! Choose a category, and there are quite a few customization options - perhaps more than the average RPG. For a split second, you think it might not be a camouflage and the Mir4 will be fine. So start playing.

Well, instead of "playing" with Mir4, you should be "with it". As long as you are cell conscious, Mir4 will accommodate you. Games usually have stories, so Mir4 decided they needed one too. You, the hero, must save a runaway princess from a troublesome master. The Lord wanted to kidnap her and marry her as a king. You don't want this, so you accept missions from lords and monks to stop the bad guys. Achieving this requires odd clicks here and there. You don't need to control anything. It only asks you to tap once in a while, and the autopilot will take care of the rest. It will fight for you, take you to the quest giver, and as far as I can tell, the unlockable Auto Quests will automatically complete the task once you reach a certain level. I have nothing against automatic battles, but there is definitely a limit.

Whenever you leave the start menu and launch the game, it becomes clear that everything in Mir4 is a hoax. At first, it was good. You are a warrior with healthy abilities and abilities. In this cool animation, you swing your sword and the enemies are chopped into little pieces. digital pop music. expertise! level rises. Then you notice that the chat is completely unmoderated. There is someone's WhatsApp number in the middle of the screen next to a gibberish selling cryptocurrency.

You can do things manually, but the Mir4 keeps putting you back on autopilot, as if you were saying, "Come on now, you don't want to." You, anyone who has thoughts and feelings, must be in control, take those feelings elsewhere. He seems to be saying "Now", "You should know this is not a game". While you are casually switching from task to task, Mir4 shocks you with a new opening. The rhythm is relentless. New dashes and shouts. New areas: blue, green and gold. Lots of fields and weeds. Pets and slot machines. In fact, you can combine pets, and then follow the squeaking dragon, which does nothing but squeak, and becomes a dragon. You can meditate somewhere in the game for energy or seeds or something like that. Notifications remind you to spend money and spend money. For each given point or spot shaded, your stats increase by 1%, then 1.1%, then 1.2%. It's like playing a super hot MMORPG. No, it's like watching an MMORPG get hot as you play.

No, Mir4 is like watching a play. You wait for the actor to drop the disguise when you're done. You just wait for them to dissolve while the curtains open and the actors take to the stage to bend over and wave. All the people turned into piles of things. Keep the graphics card connected to the extension cable.

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