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Important tips that will help you before playing Sifu

 Important tips that will help you before playing Sifu

Important tips that will help you before playing Sifu
 Important tips that will help you before playing Sifu

Sloclap's Sifu game was revealed in complete silence, and managed to grab the attention quickly thanks to the impressive reviews, which contributed to the increase of interest in it more than ever, especially with its availability today on PlayStation and PC.

If the title is of interest to you and you plan to try it as soon as possible, in today's article we offer you some important tips to help you play, as part of the series of tips articles that we offer you in Saudi Gamer.

Master your blocking and dribbling skills

In a game that focuses on kung fu skills, no doubt everyone wants to attack and show off their fighting abilities in front of their opponents, Sifu encourages it sometimes, but it won't take long for your character's stamina to collapse and take massive damage, and to show how difficult the game is, even if Face the weakest enemies with this strategy and you will die over and over again.

The ideal solution lies in learning and mastering the basics of defense technique, and choosing the perfect timing to block or avoid before launching a deadly attack, where blocking mechanisms can help you get closer to your opponent but drain your stamina, while avoiding is more difficult, it leaves your opponent exposed to attack The same goes for the ability to dribble, so rely on these skills in every battle and get as close to your opponent as possible to wait for the perfect moment before you pounce on them.

Find shortcuts and explore

As you go through and explore the different stages of the game, you will be able to access keys that give you access to very effective shortcuts, use them to quickly return to the boss battles you left off, and you will also find hidden rooms and weapons that can be very useful in the darkest times and the most difficult battles.

Use weapons wisely

Sifu is packed with a variety of weapons, from baseball bats to swords, bottles and bricks, which are items scattered throughout the rooms and corridors as you move through the story, and using these weapons often changes the outcome of the engagements you'll be engaged in, such as hitting and dropping your opponent to get his weapon , but since these weapons wear out over time, you have to use them wisely.

Throwing bottles at certain enemies will give you the opportunity to tighten your grip on them, and using the sword on the table may help you to overtake the next opponent, but it may be better to keep it for the main boss, otherwise you will find yourself struggling to overcome him, in the simplest sense, it is to bring the right weapon for each situation It's very important, don't underestimate it.

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