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Because of politics, popular video games have been banned permanently

 Because of politics, popular video games have been banned permanently

Because of politics, popular video games have been banned permanently
 Because of politics, popular video games have been banned permanently

The importance of politics revolves around the fact that it influences the lives of societies and countries since its inception and the individual from his birth until his death, because everything related to human life is “politicised” and supervised by the political authority from above, until the latter has intervened in all aspects of life far from politics and its battles. And, of course, the field of entertainment such as video games is not without it.

In this topic, we will talk about some video games that took great time and effort to develop, in order to eventually collide with their ban in entire countries for various reasons, and one of the most important of these reasons is not religious or cultural, but rather for political reasons without hesitation.

Winnie the pooh and the Chinese President

The first game that we will talk about and delve into its political immersion together is Devotion from the Red Candle Games development team, where the latter got into trouble after one of the developers deliberately left a political message found inside the game and as a result the game was withdrawn from the Steam platform as it is exclusive to this platform.

Devotion is a horror game par excellence that has been highly acclaimed and has received very good reviews from critics and players, as it takes place in the eighties in the Republic of China, “Taiwan” geographically attached to China and has political problems with it.

During one of the stages, one of the players managed to discover a poster on the wall written in Chinese “Winnie the pooh”, a famous cartoon character that is somewhat similar to the Chinese President “Xi Jinping” next to that phrase also written the name of the Chinese president himself!!

The Brahmans are the sacred cows!!

The second game that we will talk about is Fallout 3, which was banned from India. The reason this time was political, but it is lined with the most prevalent religion in India, which is the Hindu religion, where the practice of Hindu rituals in the sanctification of cows “God forbid” is subject to a set of complex rituals and ceremonies.

“Brahmin” is a term referring to “the class of teachers, scholars and preachers in Brahminic Hinduism” that sanctifies cows!! And consider them...God forbid... The Fallout 3 game contained an enemy, a "cow with two heads", which was transformed into that shape by nuclear radiation.

Bethesda decided not to release the game in India, as she feared the reaction of the Hindu-majority Indian community and its religiously inclined government to its cows.

Chihuahua and the drug cartel

Chihuahua is one of the states of the Republic of Mexico, and that name has recently become synonymous with drug terrorism, gang warfare and organized killings, all due to the lucrative smuggling routes under the rule of the Juárez Cartel.

Released in 2007 for PS3 and Xbox 360, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 is a third-person tactical shooter game during Ubisoft's golden age, set in Chihuahua, on the US-Mexico border.

The events of the game revolve around the attempted rebellion of the Mexican army with the support of Central American Juárez mercenaries and spread across the border to El Paso, Mexico. You control three soldiers of the Ghosts unit, a black operations unit of the US Army that helps the loyal Mexican forces put down the rebellion.

Despite the fantasy embodied in the events of this game, it was incredibly provocative from the point of view of the Mexican government, and was permanently banned in Mexico.

Kim Jong Un unites the two Koreas and invades the United States

Yes, this is the title of Homefront Part 1, developed by Kaos Studios and Digital Extremes, the fictional game scenario that includes the death of Kim Jong II and his son Jong Un uniting North and South Korea, controlling its economy, military personnel and equipment.

At the same time, the American economy is in decline and there is a decline in American influence and military bases abroad that North Korea can benefit from, and the inevitable result was the North Korean invasion of the United States.

The game was released in 2011 on Xbox 360 and PS3 and was permanently banned in South Korea, which is the archenemy and rebel brother of North Korea. .

As a result, some southern citizens believed that the northern army had already invaded the United States!! At that time, the game aroused the South Korean public opinion, and caused a kind of anxiety in the government community, especially due to the sensitivity of the situation and the intense hostility between the two Koreas.

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