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Review and rating of GTA Trilogy, a turning point in Rockstar's history

 Review and rating of GTA Trilogy, a turning point in Rockstar's history

Review and rating of GTA Trilogy, a turning point in Rockstar's history

 Review and rating of GTA Trilogy, a turning point in Rockstar's history

The dream of releasing what is considered to be the most famous and best open world game series and the best new work in the GTA series has always been the dream part of every young or older player who has experienced the first year, but no one thought of it. The three parts will be redesigned in an improved form while he waits. They will be named GTA Trilogy. Players all over the world have only heard the news of the sixth part of the series. Welcome to review and evaluate the GTA Trilogy.

Here, we recreate the good times of good times in different environments and different times. I had the opportunity to try the GTA trilogy, which combines the third part of the series, San Andreas and Sin City. It should have been improved, but there is no improvement at all. If you stay, it will be better for her.

There is nothing to say about this version, everyone has memorized these parts and completed all their tasks, but even if most of you are still playing them until now, we will talk about the gameplay and the new additions in the graphics "If anything", although I completely doubt it, everyone knows what it will look like. The game and its reviews, to be honest, I am sad to see the tall Rockstar tower collapse in such an unfortunate way in front of players.

The play of the trilogy

The company used different development studios to produce an improved version of the trilogy, which means that the story of course has not changed, but what happened is that it has actually changed because some of the content and tasks have changed from the three parts. Cut out from the story, so the Turk’s current game style has been improved, but the original animation is retained in the improved version, which is of course a very negative thing.

The only change in the game style is the pistol shooting and fast weapon wheels inspired by GTA 5. Other than that, there are no obvious changes, whether it is the mechanism of the character's trajectory, running fast, and even driving vehicles or performing tasks.


The biggest change in the trilogy, the graphics, the reflection of the lights, the gloss of the vehicle and the floor, this is the only thing or element that really changes, it can be said to be an improvement, but not right. It can be said that it is with other versions of other games that have been launched. In comparison, it is an improvement of the new generation of trilogy.

Sound and music

I kept the same to keep the classics of the trilogy, but it’s unfair to see the lack of improved versions even in terms of sound, isn’t it, sometimes when I’m shot or fight, the character doesn’t make any sound, and sometimes when When I ran, I was surprised that the sound made somewhere is not real...?

GTA trilogy review and rating summary

positive energy

  • A good opportunity to combine the three games into one, they are all open worlds.

negative number

  • The task and its content have been truncated in three parts.
  • For the improved version, there are no improvements or additions that make the version worth $60
  • Some improvements are worse than the original version. For example, the rain is very bad, unless you want to make your eyes sore, you can never play in the rain.
  • Mistakes, technical errors are countless.

"Grand Theft Auto Trilogy" should have been improved in every way, as we are used to by Rockstar, but what happened was very bad and it was a black spot in the company's business.

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