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Compare eFootball 2022 with FIFA 22

  Compare eFootball 2022 with FIFA 22

Compare eFootball 2022 with FIFA 22
 Compare eFootball 2022 with FIFA 22

I have been surfing the Internet until I found this video at the bottom of the report. You can watch the video at the bottom of the report. It puts eFootball 2022 in it and compares it with FIFA 22 very accurately, from the start of the game to it. What is the result after a game?

The comparison of the two games is divided into 3 stages. The first stage is the movie scene produced by the game engine for the pre-match scenes. This stage shows that the picture of eFootball 2022 is very good and lives up to expectations. Modern football game.

The details of the characters are well done. Although they are different from the original character design, this is because Konami does not have the rights to the player's shape, but these shapes are very suitable for the game and its wonderful history for a large number of football fans.

The second is the player's running system. Although some are acceptable, FIFA 22 performs significantly better than eFootball 2022, but this does not put the latter at a disadvantage. With some simple fixes, it can be fine-tuned.

"eFootball 2022" has been maintaining the foundation of the game from the very beginning until it actually enters the game, because here the game begins to lose its brilliance and quality at the beginning. You will notice this well in the attached video.

This brings us to the third thing, which also starts with the interaction between the players. We noticed that the FIFA 22 game has a very good system that can make the interaction between the players more detailed and simulate the sense of reality without appearing. There are many technical errors. The interaction system between different players in eFootball 2022 looks as if the player is a big box instead of reflecting the role of the player. You will notice that when the player tries to touch the ball and tries to control it, this is reflected in the limited In motion.

There are also some technical issues in the video that you may not pay much attention to because it has been improved through the introduction of new updates, but the game still needs to pay attention to this and fully control it.

Regarding the celebration and the positioning system, there is not much difference between the two games. Through this video and the paradox, we can draw the following conclusions.

eFootball 2022 is likely to return to the game strongly, but Konami will have to solve the problems related to the technical part of the game, especially during the game and the game. Shown as a box.

After improving the interference and ball tracking system, Konami will have to immediately start to support the game and provide more content, such as teams, challenges, and events that can occur by season or weekly, I think this has been equipped with an updated number v1. 00, has been postponed until later.

The v1.00 update is one of the most important updates of the game that the public expects because it will provide many improvements and additions, including many new game modes, including creative teams, where players can build their own teams, similar to FIFA’s The Ultimate Team or myClub function in previous PES games.

This update should also introduce season tickets and in-game transactions for microtransactions. Since then, Konami has started pre-ordering a DLC package worth $40, which includes special players used when the update is launched.

It just takes the patience and some time of many players for Konami to get the vehicle back on the right track and restore the glory of PES with the new comeback of eFootball 2022.

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